SEEN Consulting Group connects New York fashion to the world.  We create opportunities to build presence in the dynamic Chinese fashion market, and partner with American brands on innovative projects shaping the future of fashion from New York to Shanghai and beyond.

Combining years of previous industry experience with advanced design resources from Paris, London, Milan, and Beijing, SEEN Consulting Group offers resources to help our clients to connect to each other and build strong relationships. Together we help brands to grow and achieve mutual success.


We Connect

Introduce unique opportunities with trusted Chinese retailers, fashion brands, and designers

Maximize impact and exposure at US and China Fashion Week events

Link emerging Chinese demand-side needs with New York design trends


We Build

Collaborate with innovative project or joint venture structures to manage risk according to client needs

Negotiate mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded partners, leveraging SEEN resources and expertise

Create new retail channels, distribution models, and joint collections


We fulfill

Design with new Chinese resources helping clients adapt to local market needs

Evaluate impact from retail and marketing activities to optimize investment dollars

Expand and scale the right way with SEEN’s deep market expertise